Vietnam Women’s Union is one of the 5 mass organizations belonging to the Communist Party (The five organizations include Women’s Union, Farmer’s Union, Youth Union, Elderly Union and Veteran’s Union). The main goal of Women’s Union is to raise capability and knowledge of Vietnamse women and encourage gender equality. The organizational system of Vietnam Women’s Union is structured in 5 levels: Central level, the Provincial and Municipal level, the District level, the Commune level and the Village level with the nationwide membership of over 13 million women.

The Women’s Union is especially pro-active in rural Vietnam. They are involved in most of the programs dedicated for women. They organize training programs of maternity healthcare, childcare, birthcare, ect. They also provide support for the local women in case of domestic violence and other personal issues.



In the lending program, Bloom Microventures partner with the Women’s Union at commune and village levels. The lending procedure starts with the Women’s Union informing their members about the microcredits provided by Bloom Microventures. The Women’s Union will then take applications from the female villagers who are interested and in need of capital and the Women’s Union staff will do the first prescreening based on their understanding about the community. The Women’s Union then hand over the list of potential borrowers to Bloom Microventures who go to meet directly with each applicant for the loan assessment. Once appraised, a loan funded from part of a tour fee will be disbursed to the borrower by Bloom Microventures with the witness of a Women’s Union representative. The Women’s Union will then be in charge of collecting the loan interest (which is used to pay the compensation for their work) on a monthly basis and together with Bloom provide in-time assistance for the borrower throughout their project.


Thanks to their extensive network at the grassroots level, the local Women’s Union helps us greatly with community outreach, assessing potential borrowers and managing borrowers in our program.

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  • After each tour, a portion of the tour revenue will be used to fund a microloan to a female borrower whom the guests meet during the trip....