Ms. Nguyen Thi Tien





Ms. Tiện, aged 33, is the mother of a 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son.. Ms. Tiện and her husband live off their farm around the house since her husband’s tuberculosis has weakened his health to do heavy work. Their family livelihood depends on the cultivation of rice and two perennial crops of cassava and canna as well as some livestock. Ms. Tien applied for the first loan in August 2012 for fertilizer for the coming crops.

In August 2012 Ms. Tien welcomed a couple from New Zealand and received the first loan of 100USD.




In November 2012, Ms. Tien harvested cassava and  canna and and sold the raw roots to the middleman. She made a profit of about 5,000,000. She then purchased 50 more chickens  to raise until Lunar New Year.

In February 2012, Ms. Tien sold all the chicken at the Lunar New Year and due to the good price, she made a significant profit from the chicken. She decided to reinvest in ducks because it was coming to the summer and there were many chicken epidemic in hot and humid weather.




In August 2013, Ms. Tien sold the ducks to pay for the school expenses of her children and repay the first loan.

In October 2013, Ms. Tien expressed her interest in purchasing the second loan. Her plan is to purchase 4 piglets and use the remaining loan capital to purchase corn for pig feed.



In March 2014, Ms. Tien sold the pigs after Lunar New Year and used the whole revenue to invest in 8 new piglets.