Bloom Microventures was founded in 2010 by a group of International Development graduates from London School of Economics, including Lain Heringman, Elena Rodríguez Blanco, Malte Hoepfner, and Felix Baden-Powell. In mid-2012, the leadership and management of Bloom Microventures in Vietnam was transferred to a local team including Ly Tran and Loan Nguyen.

Ly Tran

Ly oversees the organisational development and ongoing operations of Bloom Microventures. She brings to Bloom Microventures over 5 years of experience in project management in the non-profit sector. Ly holds a B.A. in International Development Studies (York University, Canada) and Non-profit Management (Schulich School of Business, Canada). Prior to Bloom Microventures, she was involved in a number of projects in agriculture and food security in Vietnam as well as in Canada, Kenya, and St. Kitts and Nevis.

Loan Nguyen

Loan plays a leading role in the social business development of Bloom Microventures, an initiative on its own to generate funding for the organisation. Loan graduated from Foreign Trade University (Hanoi, Vietnam) with a degree in International Business. She contributes a wealth of business expertise and insight from past experiences in hospitality and tourism.

Along with the management unit, the Bloom Microventures team is made up of highly experienced full-time, part-time staff and interns from Vietnam and abroad. Each team member contributes a depth of insight and expertise from their own fields including rural development, business development, tourism, and marketing communications.

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