Phu Minh commune, Ky Son district, Hoa Binh province


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Phu Minh commune  is located in a hilly region approximately 70km west of Hanoi, home to a Muong ethnic minority community of approximately 2,600 people. More than 90% of the residents are small-scale farmers. They grow rice of two crops per year and other vegetable crops for family consumption. Their main income comes from two perennial crops of cassava and canna with the growth cycle of 10 months.




Public healthcare is provided in the clinic that uses both traditional and modern medical treatment. The local education includes 3 kindergartens (for kids aged 2-5), an elementary school (aged 6-10) and a secondary school (aged 11-14). Although they don’t have a high school, the students in Phu Minh can go to a high school of the nearby commune.


Kindergarten is open 7am-4pm so kids stay at the school for lunch. At kindergarten kids learn songs, dances and basic numbering and alphabet.


Elementary and secondary school students only go to school half a day-either morning class or afternoon class. On the other half of the day, the students stay home to help parents with light farming work of taking buffaloes to the grass fields or fishing, etc.









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